Sergey I. Chernykh has a degree of Doctor of Philosophical Sc. and he is ranked as an Associate Professor.  

Sergey I. Chernykh defended his PhD-thesis in 1990 and Doctorate-thesis on the topic “Changes in educational space in context of social informatization: socio-philosophical analysis” in 2012.

Dr. Chernykh has been working as the Head of the Chair of Philosophy at Novosibirsk State Agrarian University since 2008.  

Dr. Sergey I. Chernykh published more than 150 scientific and methodic proceedings, which include 2 monographs and more than 30 teaching aids and study guides. He is a specialist in the field of philosophy of education, social philosophy and logics. His professional, scientific and research area is concerned with exploring education in the context of globalization and informatization, correlation between electronic (virtual) and general educational space and integration of science and education.  Dr. Chernykh’s scientific works are devoted to essential issues of state policy in education and philosophy of education. The results are reflected in the monograph “Educational space in the context of society informatization” (2011) where Dr. Chernykh demonstrated his own view of educational space.  

Dr. Sergey I. Chernykh participates in scientific-organizational activity. He is engaged in reviewing scientific publications and scientific theses. He is one of the founders and Editor-in-Chief of scientific journal Professional education in the modern world reviewed by Higher Attestation Commission. Sergey Chernykh has been a deputy of editor-in-chief of scientific journal Philosophy of education, which is reviewed by Higher Attestation Commission as well. He takes part in scientific conferences held at international and national level and he is famous in scientific community.

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S. I. Chernykh  Editor-in-Chief, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences