The electronic version of the current issue of the journals is published on the site after a year after the official publication date.

 "Professional Education in the Modern World" is an official journal founded in FSSFEI HPO " Novosibirsk State Agrarian University"

It contains scientific papers not published before and declaring important research results in the folowing areas:

• Theoretical and methodological analysis of the concept of professional education (also philosophy of professional education);

• Problems  of modern professional education management;

• Legal regulation of professional education;

• Analysis of reformation of modern professional education;

• Effectiveness increasing, aspects of quality and competency in professional education;

• Historic and  confessional aspects of modern professional education;

•Further professional  education in contexts of conceptual view;

•Further professional education in agribusiness;

• Professional education in the view of  culture and  culture of professional education;

• Modern problems of the system of sectoral training;

                 Modern problems of  educaton and upbringing in contexts of system of professional education;

• Psychological and pedagogical aspects of professional education;

• Specific directions of  professional education development;

• Experience of  professional qualities shaping;

• Innovative professional education as acall of the tims of times;

• Professional education in traditions of the West and the East;

•Science and education integration in order to shape  modern concept of professional education (ialso further professional education);

              Notes For contributors

  For publication one must submit to the Editors (electronically):

  •  the article proposed for publication in the electronic form, designed in accordance with the rules of article designing (which are published in the end of the journal);
  • a review of a specialist in the given field of science with indication of the reviewer’s scientific degree and with the reviewer’s signature;
  • a certificate from the Graduate Education Division with the indication of the form of training (for the graduate students).

 When citing the journal, a reference to the journal "Professional education in the modern world" is obligatory.

   Please, send your materials to the journal in advance. The journal has a limitation on the possible number of articles published in a single issue.