1. “Professional Education in the Modern World” is an official journal founded in FSSFEI HPO «Novosibirsk State Agrarian University». It contains scientific papers not published before and declaring important research re­sults in the following areas:

-    Theoretical methodologic analysis of the concept of professional educa­tion (also philosophy of professional education);

-     Problems of modern professional education management;

-     Legal regulation of professional education;

-    Analysis of reformation of modern professional education;

-    Effectiveness increasing, aspects of quality and competency in profes­sional education;

-     Historic and confessional aspects of modern professional education;

-     Further professional education in contexts of conceptual view;

-     Further professional education in agribusiness;

-     Modern problems of the system of sectoral training;

-    Professional education in the view of culture and culture of professional education;

-     Modern problems of education and upbringing in contexts of system of professional education;

-     Psychological and pedagogical aspects of professional education;

-     Specific directions of professional education development;

-     Experience of professional qualities shaping;

-     Innovative professional education as a call of the times;

-     Professional education in traditions of the West and the East;

-     Science and education integration in order to shape modern concept of professional education (also further professional education);

-     Peer-reviews published in other journals on the topics of theory and ex­perience of professional education;

-     Information about scientific conference, workshop, congress held;

-     Brief scientific communications, notes and letters.

2. Manuscripts received by the Editorial are evaluated by Expert Council according to criteria of topicality and extent of the research carried out. The paper content should be corrected grammatically, stylistically and for other mistakes. The manuscript should conform to the standards of scientific style.
3. Manuscripts should be well-prepared for publishing.

Heading should contain the title of the article and full authors’ names; the title should conform to the content of the article and general topics of the jour­nal. Manuscript should have Universal Decimal classification number.

 Each paper should be accompanied by:

a)      an abstract (200-250 words), declaring the problem of the article, main aspects and methods of its consideration and results of the research carried out;

b)     key words (3-8 words not from the title preferably).

References should be listed in the order they are cited in the text and at the end of the paper according to National State Standard (GOST) R 7.0.5­2008. References in the text are reviwed in square brackets after the corre­sponding text; authors should point out resource number in the list of refer­ences and number of pages used

4. Authors should translate into English title of the article, authors’ names, city and country by lines; abstract (terms in English should be translated); key words; References cited in the text and Bibliography which includes additional research materials.  Authors should transliterate and translate the resources.

5.  Manuscript should contain parts related in a cohesive way; all parts should have a bold-faced type heading: introduction (problem definition and its relation to recent papers), goal setting (objectives and research methods set­ting), results (the main text on the topic of research and objectives of research results received), conclusions(scientific novelty, significance of research for theory and outlooks of further research development in a specific area).

References and bibliography are noted in alphabet order with no numera­tion and they follow conclusions. The number of cited reference sources and additional research sources shouldn’t be less than 20-30.

For information about references’ indication, please visit our website (http//

6. Information about the authors should be submitted at the end of the paper and translated into English: full names, city and country (in brackets), degree, rank, affiliation (organization or institution, faculty, chair), position, postal address (post zip, telephone, mobile telephone, email).
7. Manuscripts should be submitted in two copies. One copy should be submitted, and a copy in Word format sent to the editors by email.

-     Manuscripts should normally be around 10 pages of A4. Chief Editor is able to extend the paper by agreement with the author.

-      Spacing is 1,5.

-      Font is Times New Roman.

-      Font size is 14.

-      Margins are 2,0 sm

-      Quotations are reviewed as French quotation marks (chevrons).

-     References are reviewed in square brackets and listed at the end of the paper (please, check the website).

8. Full-time PhD-students publish papers free of charge. Editorial accepts articles from PhD-students co-authored by scientific supervisor or Doctor of Science only.
9. The Editorial accepts manuscripts recomendation in a written way and stamped  by scientific supervisor (academic adviser) or institution (organ- ization) the author affiliated with.

10. Manuscripts not conforming to the topics of the journal, represented not according to the rules, with no abstract, reviews and references listed in incorrect way are not accepted up to compliance with remarks. Manuscripts not accepted for publishing are not sent back to the authors. Fee for publishing articles, reports, and reviews is not paid back.

11. Papers are registered by the editorial.

Procedure of manuscripts’ registration:

1)      the Editorial receives a manuscript and registers it in case of con­forming to p. 9;

2)      on registering, the Editorial sends a manuscript to the Expert Coun­cil for peer-reviewing, making conclusions and recommending for publication;

3)      in case a paper being approved and recommended by Expert Coun­cil it is sent for editing. If there are many significant editor’s altera­tions they are agreed with the author(s);

4)      on being edited and signed «for printing» the paper is published on a rotational basis.

12. On a paper being included into an issue, authors sign the license agree­ment about scientific publication right (Attachment 1 on the website http // in journal «Professional Educa­tion in the Modern World» which is sent to the Editorial by post mail.

Editorial: 149 Nikitina Str., Office 207/4, Novosibirsk 630039. E-mail: Tel.: 8 (383) 267-34-10 add. 111. Website: