Journal contains full papers, which are original, unpublished primary research and reflect essential and important research results; original scientific proceedings and reviews of Russian and foreign scientists devoted to philosophical, pedagogical and psychological issues. A submitting manuscript should contain research results in the fields listed.

Journal covers manuscripts according to classification of scientific degrees: 09.00.00 – Philosophical Sc., 13.00.00 – Pedagogical Sc.  and 19.00.00 – Psychological Sc., listed in:

-    Theoretical methodologic analysis of the concept of professional educa­tion (also philosophy of professional education);

-     Problems of modern professional education management;

-     Legal regulation of professional education;

-    Analysis of reformation of modern professional education;

-    Effectiveness increasing, aspects of quality and competency in profes­sional education;

-     Historic and confessional aspects of modern professional education;

-     Further professional education in contexts of conceptual view;

-     Further professional education in agribusiness;

-     Modern problems of the system of sectoral training;

-    Professional education in the view of culture and culture of professional education;

-     Modern problems of education and upbringing in contexts of system of professional education;

-     Psychological and pedagogical aspects of professional education;

-     Specific directions of professional education development;

-     Experience of professional qualities shaping;

-     Innovative professional education as a call of the times;

-     Professional education in traditions of the West and the East;

-     Science and education integration in order to shape modern concept of professional education (also further professional education);

-     Peer-reviews published in other journals on the topics of theory and ex­perience of professional education;

-     Information about scientific conference, workshop, congress held;

-     Brief scientific communications, notes and letters.

The journal is included in the list of the leading reviewed scientific editions and journals that are recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles (VAK) for publication of basic scientific results of the Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science dissertations.
The journal is included in the Russian scientific citation index.
The journal is included in the international database of periodicals Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.